Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2

Saw the bear again this morning! That's the 3rd Tuesday in a row that Ive seen him/her!  Also-it's at the same time of day-7:00 AM! Must be part of their regular route. He/she came right down the driveway! When it got close (not that close) I made a noise and he stopped and looked at me and then moved on. Very cool to have a bear look right at you!

I have had a lot of animals coming around lately. Two nights ago, a raccoon was on my front porch and she had THREE babies with her!  So cute.  Later they were on my back porch, stealing the cat food!  Mom was eating when one of the babies tried to get food. Even though she snapped at him-he kept it up and eventually got some of the food. Little braveheart!  Then-last night I went out to call my cat in and there she was sitting not 12 inches from an oppossum!  Neither one seemed bothered by the other.  Weird.

Okay-so here is my photo for Day 2.  This is a wild cardinal flower growing next to a pond in back of the house. Very beautiful and VERY RED! Love it!  As I was walking along the pond to find something to photograph little frogs would jump off the bank into the pond.  Some of these frogs actually screamed!  Scared me at first. What an odd thing for them to do. Of course not any odder than humans screaming at little spiders! I have no idea what kind of frog does this, but I intend to find out.

Enjoy your day-find one thing to be grateful for-peace

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