Monday, August 22, 2011

Live-in Buddies

Day 6. I decided it was only fair to get pictures of my cats, since I got a picture or 2 of my sister's dog.  I have had these cats for 18 years.  I rescued a litter of 4 from a colony of feral cats.  They were 3-4 weeks old and we had to hand-feed them.  That was an intense experience!  Not as easy as one would think.  Between their natural urge to suckle and my being unable to get the right feeding instrument it was tough.  I never did find small enough bottles and so I used a syringe.  But they all grew up just fine.  Well, my cat Poppy is a little bit slow on the uptake sometimes.  The only thing she wants to do is sit in my lap.  She's never been very interested in the rest of the world.  I always felt like she was a little old lady from day one!  Rosita, on the other hand is the huntress. She came to the door one evening with a live, baby bunny in her jaws. (Presents for Mom!)  Mice don't stay long in our house.  Needless to say-she earns her keep!  She is also the only cat I ever had that likes-no loves- to have her belly rubbed! (So maybe she's a bit special too!)

Anyway, here are my buds-
This is Rosita, also known as Rosie-Bosie, Rosita Bonita and just Rose. I could only get one picture of her, she wouldn't stop moving around!
This is Poppy. Even though the color is not great, her eyes are green.  When she was very little and her eyes were beginning to open, only one opened for the longest time.  We called her Popeye then. And she's in the one place she loves-my lap!

See, if you put a little bonnet on her-she would look like Aunt Pitty Pat-from the movie Gone with the Wind!  She is also going bald! (She is 18!)  Right below the front of her ears. What has surprised me about that is A) that cats go bald! and B) her skin is not just white.  It's white with big dark gray splotches!  I never thought about what a cat's skin would look like. I guess I just assumed it would be white.  So my surprise when I thought she was just dirty and tried to wash it off!  She was not a happy camper.

Well, these are my live-in buddies.  They mean alot to me. They've given me hours and hours of laughter and comfort-Enjoy!

Find something to be grateful for in your life today!

Peace- Irene

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