Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Beginning...

Good Morning! And good it is. Here in the mountains we are fortunate that the heat of the day dissipates when the sun sets. The mornings are cool and refreshing. It's one of my top ten reasons for living here. Originally from Chicago, I remember the many sleepless nights in the summer. It would be 80-85 degrees at midnight!  Though still 10 degrees or more cooler-impossible to sleep!

So, this is my blog. This is a place where I can write about "aha" moments in my life and just about anything else I want. I have always been a big journal-writer. Honestly most of my journal entries are a lot of whining and puling about how bad or unfair life is.  Pretty typical. Most people won't admit it, but that's what our journals are-a complaint list.  I admit that once in awhile I can hit on something profound, but mostly not.

So you ask yourself-why blog then?  Because I sometimes have something to say about the things I see in the world. I've been here almost 60 years-hopefully I have learned something about living!  I had a rough start in life and have managed to come through life fairly well. A few nicks and scars, but in the end they have been great lessons for me and I wear them proudly.

So-if you're looking for a place to find out how someone else does this life or another perspective-you might be in the right place.  And maybe not.  Ultimately, this is for me. (Isn't most of what we do for ourselves?) 

Early yesterday morning I was sitting on my porch having my ritual morning coffee when a bear came by. A magnificent & beautiful Black Bear. He just strutted down the road like he owned it! (I wouldn't argue with him.)  My heart skipped a beat; my breathing became shallow as I just watched him- be a bear.  That's the thing with animals. They never question who or what they are. Unlike me, who questions absolutely everything-including who I am on a daily basis!  I was awed by his sense of self and purpose-it literally took my breath away!  So maybe the lesson for me in this is to stop doubting or questioning who I am or where I belong. Yeah-even at 60-the questioning never ends!

So-Today-THE ROAD IS MINE!  And maybe again tomorrow...


  1. Love it! I wonder about that, too, the whole "how do I be myself?" thing. As though any of us could do anything but be ourselves! Keep sharing!

  2. I'm jealous, I want to get a closer look at "my" bear